Off the Beaten Path

I was out exploring a popular biking/hiking trail the other day. Well, not so much exploring the trail as the area off to the side of the trail. On the back side of this large tree, I saw a cluster of shelf mushrooms (I think they are called “Root Rot”). Looking closer, I spotted this … Continue reading

Always Have a Backup Plan

Been kinda a crazy month – so much so that I find myself without a new photo for the wallpaper. Fortunately, I have one or two older pictures I can choose from. This one is from November 2011, an  iconic image of Seattle and the Space Needle taken from Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill. … Continue reading

Heart Of The Sunrise

One of the first CDs I ever bought was Fragile, by Yes. The album, released in 1972, is still one of my favorites. Heart of the Sunrise is the final track. The stargazer lilies in the back yard had opened earlier in the week, and it had just rained. I was shooting the drops of … Continue reading

Tiny Bugler

Quite surprisingly, it was a rainy day that I was out in Mason County near Shelton looking for a picture to use for June’s wallpaper. I was taking shelter under a massive cedar and spotted these tiny purple flowers. Looking around online, they appear to be appropriately called “bugleweed”. I like how the dab of … Continue reading