The promise of Spring

This was the phrase stuck in my head for the past three weeks, so I kept my eye open for something blooming, something bright. Walking through the local arboretum, I didn’t find much in bloom, but this rhododendron really grabbed my attention.

Winter has its own beauty, but it seems like we get through the last few weeks of this cold season on the anticipation of the promise of spring – vibrant colors, longer days and the smell of fresh cut grass.

Like this rhododendron, the coming season is building towards its own reveal – that big moment when it rushes to the stage and proclaims “Here I am!”

I, for one, am looking forward to what March brings us.



To set as your desktop wallpaper, click on the image so that it opens to full size. Right-click on the image and select “Set as Background”.





3 thoughts on “The promise of Spring

    • Hi Dylan-
      The template is actually an adobe acrobat PDF file I created from an excel spreadsheet. I combine the image and pdf file in adobe PSE (file…place).

      I had been using a web app at, but I wanted a little more control over size, font, color and placement.


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