Telling the story – Ventura County Sunsets

Ok, so I’ve added a bunch of photos to a gallery, figure I should take some time to describe them.

I’ve grouped these two photos together because they were taken in close proximity and are similarly themed/composed.

The first is this shot of the pier at Hueneme Beach park in Port Hueneme, Ca. Twenty years ago, I was stationed at the Naval Construction Battalion Center here (not as a Seabee – but attached to Naval Support Force Antarctica (A.K.A. Operation Deep Freeze) – we called NCBC our summer home and the Aviation Squadron (VXE-6) was based out of nearby NAS Point Mugu.)

I used to grab a burger and chili at the nearby Wendy’s and come down here to see the sunset.  I met the woman who would eventually become my wife while stationed here and we shared an apartment with a couple other sailors nearby. Needless to say, this area has good memories and we regularly visit her family who live in the area.

I had imagined this shot, a sunset slow exposure to capture the motion in the waves, and was looking forward to shooting it, And when I got down in the sand was kinda not impressed with the sunset, but shot anyway. The thing I hadn’t counted on is what for me makes the shot – the fishers on the pier and their captured movement.

The other photo is the iconic Mugu Rock. Another shot I had imagined in advance and when I arrived on site – was a little shocked to see the Sun in the wrong place. I hadn’t accounted on the seasonal movement of the sun and how it would not exactly line up with the composition I had in my head. I like the shot, but figure I’ll have to go back in the summer to capture the composition I have in my head.

So there you go. More to come!




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