Telling the story – Rise and shine!

And yet another entry telling the story of what went into getting that shot.

As a kid we moved around a lot, and some of my early childhood was spent in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I vividly remember the sky full of balloons around festival time.

So a couple of years ago, we planned on going to the Prosser, WA Balloon Festival, and we knew we had to be on location at dawn for the launch. Only problem is, Prosser is a 3+ hour drive and dawn comes pretty early in September.

So we hit the road at 3am, over Snoqualmie Pass and on toward Yakima and the lower Yakima Valley. We arrived just in time.

The field was filled with people, trucks, gondolas, and the balloons – huge sheets of fabric laying on tarps waiting to be inflated.

When the signal was given, the air was abuzz with activity, shouting, gas-powered fans and the roar of the burners.

Soon the immediate landscape took on a distinctly bumpy appearance.

It was easy to get caught up in the excitement with so much going on and such a sense of urgency in the air, only two things were on my mind – get the shot and stay out of the way.

There was so much happening in such a short span of time. The first balloons were inflated and off the ground in less than 10 minutes! (The photo above and the photo below were taken 11 minutes apart)

I like the way the rising sun lights up the flag here. I didn’t notice till much later that I caught the burner wide open.

This was a happy coincidence – I happened to look up at the moment the gondola was adjacent the moon from where I stood.

Another happy coincidence – just happened to look up as this passed overhead.

It was a surprisingly stressful 30 minute or so between the first and last balloon launching, but what fun it was! Anyways, thanks for reading – stay tuned for more!




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