Change of season

Fall is upon us and with the changing of the season, I’ve decided to grow a beard again. I’ve noticed there is a lot more gray in it this time than last. I think I’m OK with it, I’m trying to not explore the analogy between the fall foliage and my facial foliage.

Anyway, a couple mornings ago I was getting ready to go to work and my wife suggested that I go outside to get a look at the sunrise. So I threw on some shoes, grabbed my camera and headed out to see what all the commotion was about.

It was actually a pretty fantastic sunrise, lots of clouds, rain in places, fog, with a giant eerie rainbow (fogbow?) that reminded me a lot of Steven King’s Under the Dome.

So as I’m taking all this in, I spot this lone crow atop a telephone pole and I think “hey – that’s cool, really Octoberish.” The first shot, the crow was twisted around facing to the right, so I waited, “come on, come on, look the other way…” and finally he turned around so I could get the shot.



To set as your desktop wallpaper, Internet Explorer users can click on the link so that it opens to full size. Right-click on the image and select “Set as background”.

Google Chrome users will need to download the Chrome Toolbox to enable the same functionality.


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