New Year, Full Moon

December gone and another year behind us! We spent the last couple weeks of the year visiting family in warmer parts of the country, and I gotta say, Southern California did not dissappoint.

Somehow, our plans took us to Griffith Observatory above Los Angeles on the night of the full moon (what a coincidence!), and the previous days’ rain and wind made for impressively clear skies.

Admission to the Observatory is free and there is something for the inner science geek in all of us. From a massive Tesla coil dating from the 1930s to a Camera Obscura, to the Foucault Pendulum to the underground lair-like Depths of Space exhibit gallery this place delivers huge inspiration to explore science and the universe around us.

This month’s wallpaper shows the Observatory silhouetted by the rising full moon.




To set as your desktop wallpaper, Internet Explorer users can click on the link so that it opens to full size. Right-click on the image and select “Set as background”.

Google Chrome users will need to download the Chrome Toolbox to enable the same functionality.


*updated – changed the title to better reflect reality 😉


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