It’s about the journey

I was listening to Mumford and Sons today and the lyric that jumped out at me was “you must know life to see decay” from the song Dust Bowl Dance. I find it interesting that it ends up being the decay that we see and the life of the object is only imagined.

It’s like a time lapse image that lasts for years, even decades, instead of seconds. Sometimes I think it would be amazing to sit in one place for decades, even centuries and watch time go by. Imagine watching an ice age advance and recede in the span of a few moments, carving out valleys, leaving behind hills and stray boulders. It’s a viewpoint of persistence, of perseverance.

The end result is the world we see around us as it is today. What an amazing journey.

2013_march_1440 copy


To set as your desktop wallpaper, Internet Explorer users can click on the link so that it opens to full size. Right-click on the image and select “Set as background”.

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