I am:

  • a Husband
  • a Father
  • a Photographer
  • an IT Tech for a telecommunications company
  • a Teacher
  • a former Navy Photojournalist
  • a DINFOS trained killer
  • I am visible here, and here. (as well as here.)

Hello and welcome to my dusty cubicle on the internet!

Having served in the Navy for 12 years, my training is in photojournalism and broadcast journalism. Today, I’m a computer tech for a telecommunications company so what was once a job has become a hobby.

Because our daughter is homeschooled, I am happy to be able to share my experience and interest in photography and journalism with her and other kids from the local homeschool group.

My goal as a photographer and citizen journalist is to capture moments that resonate with my sense of humor, imagination and curiosity. If my images and stories resonate with you as well, so much the better.

Why “10thelement”? About 10 years ago, I needed a reliable car for my 75-mile (one way) commute to work. I bought a used Dodge Neon and it served me faithfully for the next 4 years until I traded it in on a new Dodge Neon. Thankfully, my commute is shorter today, but I still make it safely encased within a neon bubble. On the periodic table of elements, the 10th element is Neon.






My opinions are my own and I do not claim to represent anyone but me.
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