Found myself in Edmonds the other day and thought I’d go look for herons at a marsh near the beach. Found the Herons, they were all huddling against the cold wind, trying to stay warm. Kinda boring, actually. Walking along the path, I kept hearing the squeaky-scratchy song of a hummingbird. Eventually found this guy up in the top of a nearby tree.

I did later find out that of the four species of hummingbird in Washington, only one of them actually sings. Narrows it down some. The Anna’s Hummingbird is also the only one that winters in Washington. Apparently, they do migrate in the winter, heading for lower elevations, they just don’t go south like the others.

FujiFilm X-E2/XF 55-200 @ 200mm, 1/2900th at f / 4.8, ISO 200


March 2017


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