Badgers, Badgers, Badgers…

November again and the mushrooms are back! In quite predictable fashion, I headed back to arboretum and went looking for photogenic mushrooms. The big nurse log I shot last year was bare, not a ‘shroom to be seen, so it took a little more effort. Found a single here, a pair there and then I spotted … Continue reading

Cypress Mirror

A couple weeks ago, I went on a business trip to Tampa, Florida for some training and for some face to face time with my peers. The weather was consistently hot and humid, to the point where my glasses fogged up every time I left a building or got out of the car. I was … Continue reading

Birds of a Feather

We visited the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge last week, taking the afternoon to walk the trails and enjoy the high tide along the boardwalk. On the way back from the viewing platform at the end of the boardwalk, we stopped and talked with a group of four birdwatchers (seen on the left side of the photo). … Continue reading

A steak of light in the deep blue

Am writing this while on vacation- we left nearly three weeks ago and have enjoyed a visual feast of back roads here in the Western U.S. One goal was to stay off interstate highways and while slower, it has paid off fantastically in both the view from the car and the relaxing pace. Highly recommended … Continue reading


My Aunt was going through some things in storage and came across several boxes full of these tiny perfume bottles. Grandma Anita had been collecting these for years, souvenirs from travels and presents from friends and other family members. It was really interesting to go through all these little bottles and imagine the accumulation of fingerprints … Continue reading