Peaceful getaway

It’s been a crazy month – I don’t think I’ve  even picked up my camera so here’s a shot from the archives, so to speak. Two summers ago we went to France for vacation, and spent a day exploring the Palace of Versailles. It was packed with tourists so we took our exit and headed for … Continue reading

Surprise Cactus

November was quite the change of pace for us. We traveled to southern California for a birthday party, then out to the Phoenix, Arizona (nearer Surprise, actually) to visit a couple friends. Then back to Ventura County for Thanksgiving, then back home. I have always had a deep affection for the American Southwest. Wide open … Continue reading

Off the Beaten Path

I was out exploring a popular biking/hiking trail the other day. Well, not so much exploring the trail as the area off to the side of the trail. On the back side of this large tree, I saw a cluster of shelf mushrooms (I think they are called “Root Rot”). Looking closer, I spotted this … Continue reading